Office Relocation

Office Relocation

Modern office space with desktops with modern computers, created with Generative AI technology

Office relocation is now more challenging than home relocation. Zebra Relocation will customize a relocation plan for you based on your company’s industry division and the layout of the old and new office addresses. We have an experienced team and professional and sophisticated equipment to protect your assets.

Relocation process:

1.Professional pre-move survey, gather customer needs and visit old and new office addresses
2.Submit a detailed relocation plan, and the relocation manager will conduct a pre-relocation briefing for your employees and improve the relocation plan based on the needs of the employees.
3.After signing the contract, start moving on time, mark items, disassemble furniture, move large safes or other special equipment, and keep confidential items properly.
4.Arrived at the new address, place and restore all things according to the relocation plan.