About Us
About Us


Zebra relocation, established in 2011, mainly engages in international and domestic relocation, office relocation, and visa application.

We provide high-end international settlement services for foreign nationals of large multinational corporations and Chinese at homeland and abroad. With different types of services and multiple transportation methods by sea, land, and air, there is always a suitable solution for you.


As an expert in providing customized, efficient, and worry free overall moving services for high-net-worth individuals in China, we rely on our accumulated experience in the international moving field and combine the habits of domestic customers to provide you with enjoyment far beyond international standards.

In the field of office relocation, our service is also at the forefront of the moving industry and we are happy to be a firsthand witness to your soaring performance.

At the same time, we have our own professional visa team that has cumulatively served nearly a thousand foreign visitors to China, providing a one-stop solution and providing full guidance for foreign employees to settle and work.

Since our company’s establishment, we have continuously deepened our business in Tianjin, providing first-class services to the largest European aviation manufacturing enterprise and automobile manufacturing company in Tianjin. At the same time, we actively engage in localized cooperation with large international relocation companies, committed to becoming the most competitive relocation and visa brand in Tianjin.

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Our core values


Established for 10+ years, our work observes our values at every step, and the high satisfaction of customer service has always motivated us to progress.

01. Honesty

The service items and prices are transparent, with no hidden charges.

02. Respect

Our service comes with warmth.

03. Responsibility

The entire service process is transparent, safe and fast.

04. Fairness

Customized services to meet your needs, ensuring that every expense is worth it.