Domestic Moving

Domestic Moving

Loading bay for loading and unloading trucks

Zebra Relocation serves local moving with the high standards of international moving, bringing you a new moving experience that is efficient, smooth and comfortable.
Moving Process


We will arrange a moving specialist to your residence and measure the packaging volume for free, introduce the packaging method, and transportation process, so that you can understand the entire service content.


According to the transportation method, the quotation is determined based on the measured volume. If there are any additional fees for special services, they will be notified together, and there will be no hidden charges throughout the entire process.


After confirming the order, the packaging date will be agreed based on your itinerary. At that time, a professional packaging team and skilled supervisor will provide professional packaging for your items with dedicated packaging materials and tools. The supervisor will create a packaging list on site to facilitate your receipt and placement at the destination.


The warehouse has 24-hour infrared monitoring, fire and anti-theft alarms, and dedicated personnel are on duty to provide comprehensive security protection for your item storage at all times.


In order to ensure that the goods reach their destination safely and timely, we use fully enclosed box trucks for transportation.


After delivery to your new residence, we will unpack and assemble furniture according to your requirements. When we leave, we will take away the debris and give a tidy place to you.